Bengals are an amazing breed of hybrid cat, formed by breeding an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat. Bengal cats have the exotic beauty of a wild cat with the sweet easy going temperament of a housecat. Bengals have amazing personalities that resemble dogs more than cats. They LOVE water, play fetch, walk on leashes and follow you around the house like a puppy. These cats never run out of energy and are always looking to play. If you are looking for a cat to fit in a busy household with energetic children then this is the breed for you. 


 Our amazing Clouded Leopard boy, Mufasa. Only 8 months old and twice as big as our other boys! We are so excited to have this Champion boy with us. 




 Our Boy, Louie.





 Cici, a huge girl with amazing contrast and stunning clouded rosettes. 






Peach Fuzz - Our keeper girl out of Zuma and Mufasa.


5 months old here. 

 Sumai - Really sweet and likes being held.



Minnie Mouse- One of our wildest tempered girls, very kind but definitely acts like a little jungle kitty.




 Coco Our Beautiful Snow Lady, Her dad was the #1 champion in the Bengal Breed in the US. Her pedigree is full of Grand Champions! - Offered as a pet. $500



 More Pictures coming soon

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